Anxiety & Bullying Therapist (ages 11-19 years old)

Children and teens can develop a wide range of mental health issues, and up to 50% of these may develop before the age of 14. Also, issues with school, friendship, and bullying, the birth of new siblings, and divorce may impact children in shocking ways that can also affect mental health. Below are some concerns children and adolescents may commonly experience.

Abandonment Issues

Most children depend on their parents for survival and emotional support. When children are abandoned by their parents or fear being abandoned, reassurance and mental health support may prove pivotal.

Adoption and Foster Care Issues

Children in the foster care system and those who have been adopted may need to work through complicated emotions or questions brought up by their situation. Parents or caregivers can help address these issues with the help of a qualified mental health professional.

Skilled Anxiety Therapists in Denver Co

It's not uncommon for anxiety to affect children, particularly as they enter their teen years. A therapist can help determine whether a child's symptoms are caused by anxiety or something else and how best to help.

Effective Bullying Therapy in Denver Co

Bullying can occur in many contexts, but bullying in school is incredibly common. If the behavior is unaddressed, victims may experience anxiety, depression, eating disorders, thoughts of self-harm, and difficulty completing schoolwork.

Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor or a qualified therapist if your child is having a problem. Quick attention can help your child better overcome the issues he's coping with and lead a happier and healthier life.