Narrative Therapist

Narrative therapy encourages one to be open and honest with the conversation, as I will be asking what you would like to talk about. About the areas in your life, this story has had the most significant impact. We will work together to separate you from your problems in these areas and determine not only if you still feel it is a struggle, but also collaborate to rewrite each story more positively.

Skilled Narrative Therapists in Denver Area

I will help guide you in telling other positive stories from your life to help you discover the essential traits and skills that can be used to help cope with your struggles. The goal is to help each client see that just because one struggles with something, that particular "something" does not define who the client is.

Rather, the client is separate from the issue, providing space to understand and create a more positive narrative. I hope to help clients see how they can unleash their dreams, values, goals, and skills that define who they are from inside, separate from their problems.

All these are the buried stories that can be rewritten and interlaced into the ongoing and future stories of their lives. Moreover, our narrative therapists can assist you best throughout this process.