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I believe in the strength, uniqueness, and resilience of each individual. I am privileged to welcome clients into my office.

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About me

With the firm belief that each individual’s will power is stronger than the urge to quit, I indeed feel privileged to help my clients who are battling with their inner selves. I work with individuals struggling with powerful emotions (anger, anxiety, depression, self-esteem), dual diagnosis, and children learning to regulate emotions and behaviors. I help them subdue the storm inside and gain control and a positive balance in life. I help them grow and become the person they aspire to be by working together on personal exploration. Together we work through identifying the best suited coping skills and gain insight into their internal world. I assist them in coming to terms with themselves, first by accepting and then loving themselves. Hence a successful session concludes with building a lasting foundation for internal validation and happiness.

I believe that each of us has their own path to follow and their own story to write. Hence with just the right push and by working together, what can't be achieved. I personalize each interaction with my clients to have a clear understanding of one’s viewpoint and the struggles they face. We move from there to solutions that are tailored to unique personalities, that they carry with them from the session room to their lives.

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Types of Therapy


Psychotherapy is a challenging, rewarding and subtle process of self-discovery and change. Working together in an intact, non-judgmental and considerate space, I will help you explore your feelings and overcome your psychiatric disorders.

Behavior Therapy

Working with clients to understand the root and causes behind behavioral issues and WHERE they stem from and WHAT worsens them. To help them clear out of toxic and unhealthy behavioral complications and create better, more sustainable solutions.

Traumatic Cases

Trauma and depression are often taken lightly which is one of the biggest injustices one can do to one’s mental health. Working collaboratively with my clients, I provide related therapy and teach skills to help soothe wounds and work to understand the underlying reasons for the trauma.

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